Construction and Modelling - page 1

Many younger children love construction and modelling using clay, cardboard boxes, collage, weaving, blocks, sticks or stones to represent their ideas at the same time as challenging and refining their motor skills. These resources help children to initiate play, build on their interests, use all their senses and physicality, and nurture their own innate curiosity. The simpler and more open-ended the resource, the more imaginative the adventure!

Children as Artists – Learning Together Series

Children have amazing imaginations but sometimes need help to become artists. Just as you help plants to grow, you can provide the right conditions to help children develop as artists. Cathy Myer explores what children need to become artists in this toolkit from Early Education.

Clay with Toddlers

Written by Seyon Verdtzabella, Willows Nursery School, published by Capella University in 2010.

Community Playthings – Birth to Three Guide for Designing Spaces

This booklet, written with input from Ann Langston, focuses on room layout and equipment choice for planning child-centred indoor areas, but outdoor space is indispensable. Most of the principles apply outside as well, and often equipment can be moved outdoors.

Confident, capable and creative boys: supporting boys’ achievements

Excellent guidance for all early years practitioners, professionals and teachers on different creative approaches to supporting boys’ own learning journeys. It provides examples of good practice and encourages practitioners to reflect on the quality of their provision. Still relevant for the revised EYFS.

Creative Play and the revised EYFS

The booklet details how children’s play naturally fulfils the revised EYFS, and cross-references that play to the statutory guidance, using role play, music, visual arts, block play and motor play.

Designing and Planning for Play

Designing and Planning for Play has been published to encourage local authorities to make greater use of creativity in designing spaces that allow children to use their imagination, with natural play design.

Early Childhood Spaces – Alison Clark

This paper explores the methodology and initial issues raised in seeking to involve young children in the design process. It reports a study concerned with how young children can play an active role in the designing and developing of children’s spaces. The focus is on children under 6 years old in early childhood provision.