Construction and Modelling - page 3

Many younger children love construction and modelling using clay, cardboard boxes, collage, weaving, blocks, sticks or stones to represent their ideas at the same time as challenging and refining their motor skills. These resources help children to initiate play, build on their interests, use all their senses and physicality, and nurture their own innate curiosity. The simpler and more open-ended the resource, the more imaginative the adventure!

Poking, Pushing and Prodding

Video by Lisa Terreni, lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington College of Education, on children using clay to develop learning, published by the Early Childhood Education section at the New Zealand ministry for Education.


Remida is an Italian cultural project that represents a new, optimistic, and proactive way of approaching environmentalism and building change through giving value to reject materials, imperfect products, and otherwise worthless objects, to foster new opportunities for communication and creativity in a perspective of respect for objects, the environment, and human beings.

Woodwork in Early Years Education

Written by Pete Moorhouse, a guide which sets out clearly and practically why woodwork is important, how to make a woodwork area, what tools to provide, and how to use them and encourage children to be safe, skilled and creative.  Pete Moorhouse delivers woodwork CPD training and can be contacted at