Dance and Movement - page 1

Understanding how children learn and communicate through their bodies is critical in helping to develop their brains. These resources focus on the role of dance and movement to support the physical, social and emotional side of early childhood development, as well as being a lot of fun!

All about dance in the early years

Young children’s experimentation with movements is linked to what we later recognise as ‘dance’, say Anne O’Connor and Anna Daly, directors of Primed for Life Training Associates.  Article published in Nursery World, March 2014

Developmental Movement Play:

Final report and recommendations from a 10-year action research project investigating the way the early years sector supports babies and children to be fully physical.

Early Years Creative Cookbook

CapeUK’s ‘Early Years Creative Cookbook’ in partnership with Earlyarts and Calderdale Council’s Early Years Team and Earlyarts; inspires early years settings, professionals and practitioners across the country to engage in similar creative approaches.

Fly by Night

Exploring the universal topic of sleep, dreams and bedtimes, this video shows the ideas and experiences of children and their grown-ups through movement play.

In the balance

The importance of developing the sense of balance is examined by Anna Daly and Anne O’Connor in an article in Nursery World, July 2009