Engaging Parents - page 1

As the first, and most significant, influence on a child’s learning and development, parents are a crucial partner in supporting a creative learning environment. These resources highlight some of the opportunities available for professionals who want to get their parents even more involved!

Early Years Creative Cookbook

CapeUK’s ‘Early Years Creative Cookbook’ in partnership with Earlyarts and Calderdale Council’s Early Years Team and Earlyarts; inspires early years settings, professionals and practitioners across the country to engage in similar creative approaches.

Engaging Families by Wild Rumpus

How do families perceive arts events in natural landscapes? Read the research by Wild Rumpus here, founders of the magical Just So Festival of creativity for children and their families. Explore how different and more transformative shared learning can become when families play, dance, paint, listen to and watch amazing art in beautiful outdoor spaces.

Parents, Early Years and Learning (PEAL)

PEAL supports all early years settings to meet requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to work in partnership with parents to enhance children’s learning and development, including SEN children. This activity booklet is a valuable resource to enhance parent play with young children.