ICT, Photography and Video - page 1

Photography and Video are unique because they put children in control of telling us about what interests them. They give us a special opportunity to focus on what is meaningful in a child’s world, and who they are in the context of their home cultures. They open up starting points for conversation in ways that no other art form can because of their ability to capture real life as it happens. They are perfect tools for consultation, and will help you build trust and understanding with children and families in your setting.

Collaborative Video Making

This video provides a departmental view on why classrooms should be establishing blogs. It includes audio with examples of the technologies discussed, including examples of teacher blogs.

Digital Beginnings: Young Children’s Use of Popular Culture, Media and New Technologies

This report presents the findings of a study which took place from September 2004 to July 2005. The study explored young children’s (aged from birth to six) use of popular culture, media and new technologies in the home through a survey of 1,852 parents and carers of children who attended 120 individual maintained and non-maintained early years settings in England. Funded by BBC Worldwide and the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.

Digital Childhoods

Briefing papers for Digital Childhoods, a research programme presenting and discussing findings from the last decade on the role of digital technologies in the lives of young children. The Digital Childhoods programme is a partnership between The University of Strathclyde and The University of Stirling, working with CBeebies, London Knowledge Lab, Futurelab and Learning & Teaching Scotland.

ICT at Gamesley Early Excellence Centre

Gamesley Early Excellence Centre share their experience and best practice in ICT implementation and usage. The centre was the first early years setting to be given an award for Innovation and Change in ICT by BECTA (British Education and Communications Technology Agency).

ICT in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Find out how you can plan for ICT so that it underpins each principle of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Also, access presentations, videos, books, and training and support materials to help you develop effective uses of a variety of technologies within your settings.

Lighting Up Creativity

Small groups of children are given the opportunity to play and create using light and reflection on a large scale.