ICT, Photography and Video - page 2

Photography and Video are unique because they put children in control of telling us about what interests them. They give us a special opportunity to focus on what is meaningful in a child’s world, and who they are in the context of their home cultures. They open up starting points for conversation in ways that no other art form can because of their ability to capture real life as it happens. They are perfect tools for consultation, and will help you build trust and understanding with children and families in your setting.

Objects of Curiosity

Using digital photography to inspire children’s natural creativity and involving parents in celebrating the results.

Snap it up! Using digital photography in early childhood.

Teachers of young children can use digital photography to build, almost instantly, a sense of community and belonging, promote feelings of security, build children’s self-esteem, aid in classroom management, communicate with parents, document children’s growth, promote language and literacy, and enhance other areas of the curriculum.