Puppetry and Masks - page 2

Hand and finger puppets are ideal for helping to develop language and communication skills. Puppets give children the freedom to express their feelings through the voice of a separate character, even giving shy or ESL children the confidence to grow their speaking skills. Shadow Puppetry helps develop their creative skills, from the crafting of the puppets to the role play using lights and a sheet, children’s fantasy worlds can really come to life through these resources.

Teaching with Shadow Puppetry

Shadow puppetry is a great tool for teaching stories, myths and legends from cultures and religions all over the world. Its great as a storytelling tool for stories that children create by themselves or as a group. Heleen Van Rossum shares some of her best ideas for early years educators.

Using Go-Givers Puppets

The Go-Givers puppets are the embodiment of the eight characters who appear in some of the Go-Givers stories, lessons and interactive activities. The characters represent normal, lively children, and have a variety of backgrounds and experience that enable children to identify with them.