Reading and Literacy - page 1

Reading is not just good for building knowledge of other cultures and people, it’s also one of the best ways for learning about friendships, trust, problem solving and other social and emotional themes. Plus snuggling up with a good book is a fantastic way to build strong, safe bonds between an adult and a child.

Creative Play and the revised EYFS

The booklet details how children’s play naturally fulfils the revised EYFS, and cross-references that play to the statutory guidance, using role play, music, visual arts, block play and motor play.

Fun with Rhymes

Book start has a series of rhymes you can choose to read or listen to with your little ones.

I Spy a Picture Book

This booklet for families is packed full of creative ideas that you can use at home every day. It contains fun, simple activities to help your child develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills ready for school.

National Literacy Trust’s SEN Guide

National Literacy Trust provides several creative resources to support teachers and parents develop fun, multi-sensory activities that are inclusive and make reading enjoyable and memorable.

Other Worlds

Developing children’s verbal and non-verbal communication by working in an area of the classroom which has been transformed into a magical space

The Rhyme Challenge by Bookstart

Get children and their families learning rhymes together at your children’s centre, nursery or playgroup by doing The Rhyme Challenge.