Singing and Music - page 1

When we start to understand the musicality that all children are born with, we can begin to help them put sounds together to make words, songs, and music of their own. Our language, which comes from our innate musicality that developed in our mother’s womb, is the fundamental essence of who we are – our identities, our cultures, our connections and relationships. Use these resources to help you bring your children’s cultures to life, and enjoy the surprises it brings!

Chamber Tots at Wigmore Hall

In celebration of the 10th annivesary year of Chamber Tots in the Community, Wigmore Hall, in partnership with Exeter University, has commissioned a research report by Dr Susan Young and Dr Victoria Rowe on the effect of Chamber Tots

Create Together music programme for SEN children

This programme is designed to improve confidence, independence, communication, understanding and self-awareness of children with special educational needs by learning and performing with experienced professional musicians.

Early Years Creativity Toolkit

Two projects in Sussex have been examining creativity in early years through working with artists and bringing them into settings to work alongside practitioners and children. This publication takes you into the heart of these projects, showing you examples of artists working in settings and giving you top tips for trying out these approaches yourself.

Mama Sing

Mama Sing is a choir for parents and babies. Once a week mums, dads, bumps, babies (and grandparents and anyone else who wants to join us) come together to enjoy singing.

More Music Toolkits

The More Music Toolkit provides teachers, parents, students and members of the community with the tools required to advocate for more music in the classroom. It shares the experiences of real Australian schools, many of which are award winners with longstanding, successful music programs.

Music-making for Babies & the Early Years

Videos are brilliant for explaining and showing things that would be impossible to put over in words and they’re fun too. Here you can choose from a selection of short video clips showing the Sound Children and Musical Baby Bonding approaches in practice in a variety of settings.