Storytelling and Role Play - page 1

Creating, retelling and playing out stories is one of our children’s favourite activities. It lets them enter into their imaginary worlds with confidence especially when taken seriously by the people who are closest to them. As well as helping them develop language, speaking and listening skills, stories help children build positive relationships, learn about other cultures, and make connections that are essential to understanding the world around them. Let these resources help your children’s stories to be heard!

Blue Block Studio

An exciting, innovative programme of creative play and storytelling for babies and young children aged 0-4 and their grown-ups.

Confident, capable and creative boys: supporting boys’ achievements

Excellent guidance for all early years practitioners, professionals and teachers on different creative approaches to supporting boys’ own learning journeys. It provides examples of good practice and encourages practitioners to reflect on the quality of their provision. Still relevant for the revised EYFS.

Creative Play and the revised EYFS

The booklet details how children’s play naturally fulfils the revised EYFS, and cross-references that play to the statutory guidance, using role play, music, visual arts, block play and motor play.

Early Years Creativity Toolkit

Two projects in Sussex have been examining creativity in early years through working with artists and bringing them into settings to work alongside practitioners and children. This publication takes you into the heart of these projects, showing you examples of artists working in settings and giving you top tips for trying out these approaches yourself.

Every Tree Tells a Tale

An artist in the guise of a Gambian tree spirit helps children explore the curriculum – growth, Africa and dragons – through creative play.