Storytelling and Role Play - page 2

Creating, retelling and playing out stories is one of our children’s favourite activities. It lets them enter into their imaginary worlds with confidence especially when taken seriously by the people who are closest to them. As well as helping them develop language, speaking and listening skills, stories help children build positive relationships, learn about other cultures, and make connections that are essential to understanding the world around them. Let these resources help your children’s stories to be heard!

Eyes and Silences

Written by Roberto Frabetti, Director of Italy’s La Baracca Theatre, he explores theatre approaches to engaging with, understanding and listening to nursery children.

I Wonder

How story telling can support all areas of the EYFS.

Inside the Secret Garden

Julien Grenier suggests schema should prompt view of the child as investigator, constructor of meaning, persisting with meaningful actions and representations

Lighting the Fire

A unique course inspired by the cross-curricular, cross-disciplinary and highly collaborative training programmes of one of Italy’s leading children’s theatre companies – La Baracca.

Magic Story Bags

Handling unusual 3 dimensional objects encourages children to use descriptive and expressive language.