Storytelling and Role Play - page 3

Creating, retelling and playing out stories is one of our children’s favourite activities. It lets them enter into their imaginary worlds with confidence especially when taken seriously by the people who are closest to them. As well as helping them develop language, speaking and listening skills, stories help children build positive relationships, learn about other cultures, and make connections that are essential to understanding the world around them. Let these resources help your children’s stories to be heard!

Michael Rosen Blog

MichaelRosenYes says stories and the arts can give children a sense of possibility, transformation and change


Other Worlds

Developing children’s verbal and non-verbal communication by working in an area of the classroom which has been transformed into a magical space

Rainbow’s Gold

A glimpse of the emergence of performing arts for the early years in Cork. The partners: La Baracca – Testoni Regazzi; Baboro International Arts Festival for Children; The Cork College of Commerce.

The Play’s the Thing

Simon Firth uses role play to explore gender roles, identity, social rules and conflict resolution.