Nine Benefits of Creative Training

Have you ever sat down to look for EYFS planning ideas and wondered what on earth you’re going to do with your gorgeous group of bouncing, feisty four-year-olds? Or perhaps you’re worried that your under two’s area needs a bit more… va va voom?

Earlyarts' Creative Training for Early Years

Often its not because you’ve run out of ideas. Often it’s simply that you don’t have the time to think through the best way of meeting every one of your children’s needs, at the same time as fulfilling the myriad of other requirements from your setting, the curriculum, your parents or your governing body.

Oh yes! We hear you! Earlyarts’ Creative Training for Early Years is designed to give you small pockets of inspiration that help you to focus on the needs of a few children in your care at any one time. The onus is on giving you the tools and knowledge you need to strengthen your own practice. We deliver the training through online training sessions during lunchtime or twilight hours so as not to take up your whole day!  

The 9 benefits of Creative Training for Early Years:

  1. Improving the outcomes for your children, especially those who are under-achieving.
  2. Focusing on pedagogical solutions to growing problems, such as speaking and listening; literacy and numeracy skills.
  3. Helping to meet the needs of all your children, including G&T, SEN, ESL and disabled children.
  4. Supporting you as a leader to develop your strengths and lead effective teams.
  5. Sharing your good practice and gaining ideas for improving teaching and learning.
  6. Helping you work more effectively with parents and carers.
  7. Enhancing your children’s neurological connections through creative practice.
  8. Improving your aims towards achieving higher quality teaching.
  9. Helping you achieve a good or outstanding Ofsted rating for your school or setting.

Each creative training session gives you:

  • An insight into a particular area of creative childhood education led by an expert – a chance to learn how creative approaches can make a big difference.
  • Guided interview with the expert, getting under the skin of their thinking – a chance to hear in-depth thoughts within the current curriculum context.
  • Question and Answer sessions from delegates via the chat facility – a chance to apply the thinking to your own situation and learn from others’ examples.
  • A resource list of creative approaches or practical toolkits – a chance to put your ideas into immediate practice.
  • A unique opportunity to hear the views of other professionals in your field a chance to be part of a passionate community dedicated to children’s learning.
  • Access to the recorded training session for up to two weeks afterwards (non-members) or forever (members) – a chance to reflect and review in your own time.

So, how do I book my training?

Click below to see all the events on offer and simply decide which ones you would like to attend. Once you have booked your place, you will receive an email with your preparation instructions so that you can relax and enjoy the training session on the day.

Don’t worry if you book a session but then can’t make it – you will be sent a link to replay the recorded session, giving you a opportunity to learn at a pace and time that suits you.

All training sessions are a mere £15 to attend or completely free to members! If you have already taken out a membership, please make sure you’re logged in when you book online.

If you’re not yet a member, you can sign up below for an Annual Membership (worth over £400!) and get immediate access to the training sessions COMPLETELY FREE!

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