The Power of Play


Wondering how to support your children's play? This 30 minute training video shows techniques to help you understand why, when and how to empower and extend children’s creative play.


If you’re asking any of the following questions:

  • How do I support and extend our children’s play?
  • When is it best to step in and play alongside, or just stay back and observe progress?
  • What types of play are our children engaging in?
  • Why do some children struggle to play and how can I help?

Then then this video course is for you!

Our brand new training video, the Power of Play, will empower you with the knowledge you need to support your children as well as you possibly can. We will illustrate a number of key techniques that will help you know when and how to support your children’s creative play. And we’ll give you some new play ideas that are great fun to put into practice.

  • The difference between various play styles
  • How play impacts on early learning and development
  • How to observe which are your children’s preferred play styles
  • How to identify if children need encouragement in other types of play
  • What to do if you spot obstacles to play in the setting
  • Four practical techniques to encourage your children to think, act and play more creatively
  • Nearly an hour of HD video lectures on the Power of Play
  • PDF of video slides showing key concepts discussed
  • 2 hours of carefully selected optional study materials and resources on play
  • 30 minutes of observation and reflection per child using the Play Styles Observation template
  • 4 creative play techniques that can take from between 15 minutes to an hour each
  • Play Styles Observation Toolkit
  • Private Facebook group to share and receive creative play ideas with other early educators
  • Certificate of Course Attendance
  • Early Years Teachers or Educators
  • Foundation Stage Heads
  • Early Years Practitioners
  • Childminders
  • Home Educators
  • Computer capable of playing internet video
  • Internet access to download training support materials
  • Laptop projector and screen if sharing in a team meeting (please note, you may use these materials for internal staff training purposes only, not for external training or commercial purposes)
  • A comfy chair, cuppa and notebook

The price covers a single license to use this course for your own professional development purposes, not for commercial use.

On clicking the link, you will be directed to our course on the Udemy Online Learning platform. You will be required to set up a username and password with Udemy. Once purchased, you will be able to access this training video online, download our toolkit and all the support materials and watch the training video as many times as you wish.