Charters for Children’s Rights - page 1

Explore the various approaches taken by different countries to protect and champion the moral and legal rights of all children to have access to a creative and cultural education.

Arts in Education Charter

Arts Council Ireland’s report on the provision of arts for children and young people in Ireland.

Children and the Arts Manifesto

ACA’s Manifesto for Children’s Arts was launched at a conference held at The Unicorn Theatre, London, on 21 July 2008. The Manifesto is based on consultation with children and adults and takes as its starting point Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Children’s Right to Play

In this working paper, Wendy Russell and Stuart Lester of the UK’s University of Gloucestershire examine the importance of play in the lives of children worldwide.

Imagine Nation – The Case for Cultural Learning

This publication is a contribution by the cultural Learning Alliance to the current debate about the transformative role played by the arts and heritage in the lives of children and young people.

Manifesto for Children’s Arts in Northern Ireland

Our vision is that children and young people living in Northern Ireland have the right to engage in and enjoy age-appropriate and quality arts, and have the opportunity to explore and experience cultural life regardless of religion, background or geographical area

Music Manifesto

The Music Manifesto is a campaign to ensure that all children and young people have access to high quality music education.

The Arts Manifesto

The National Campaign for the Arts’ vision is of a United Kingdom where the lives of all citizens are enhanced by the experience of excellent cultural and artistic activities, where artistic endeavour and achievement are highly prized and where the creative potential of every man, woman and child is realised.