Creativity in Early Learning Research - page 3

Progression in Creativity – Developing New Forms of Assessment

A literature review which provides an overview of the key issues and debates surrounding creativity and the potential for assessing it in individuals. Authors: Ellen Spencer, Bill Lucas and Guy Claxton from the Centre for Real-World Learning, University of Winchester

Reaching for More

The Reaching for More project aimed to bring creative dance and movement together with early years education. With the hope that theses areas of specialism would offer the potential enriching of practice and delivery of the EYFS.

Seeing, Making, Doing

This publication is both practical and theoretical. It offers practical advice to help staff from nurseries and early years centres to provide creative opportunities that support and enhance child development. It talks about how to respect children’s creativity whilst observing and developing their skills. It suggests practical and creative alternatives to the mass production of identical pieces of work in early years centres and schools.

The Arts and Academic Achievement: What the Evidence Shows

This research project analyses existing data on the impact of the arts in education. It finds that there is a relationship between listening to music and spatio-temporal reading, learning to play music and spatial reasoning, and classroom drama and verbal skills.

The Arts in the Early Years

In 2002, the Arts Council of England commissioned the Thomas Coram Research Unit, at the University of London Institute of Education, to conduct a national study of the arts in the early years (children from birth to six years old). The overall aim was to collect the views of key providers in the arts and early years sectors to help provide a firm foundation for development work in this area. The research also aimed to identify and describe examples of current practice in the arts in the early years.

The Twoness of Twos

A report on Leadership for Two Years Olds – written by June O’Sullivan and Sue Chambers for the London Early Years Foundation.