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Babies’ Brains Need Music

According to researchers at McMaster University in Canada – very early music training can benefit children – before they even learn to walk or talk.

How the Arts Develop the Young Brain

Neuroscience research is revealing the impressive impact of arts instruction on students’ cognitive, social and emotional development.  Article by David A Sousa published in The Schools Administrator

Neuroscience – Science of the Brain

This booklet was prepared and edited on behalf of the British Neuroscience Association and the European Dana Alliance for the Brain by Richard Morris (University of Edinburgh) and Marianne Fillenz (University of Oxford). The graphic design was by Jane Grainger (Grainger Dunsmore Design Studio, Edinburgh).

Young Brains

Birth to Three Matters: A Review of the Literature. By T David, K Goouch, S Powell, and L Abbott, 2003.