Engaging Families Research - page 1

Confident and Competent Families

A briefing paper written by Ruth Churchill Dower, Director of Earlyarts, on the significant influence that families have on their children’s learning, health and well being and how this can be triggered through creative experiences.

Developmental, Movement, Play

Moving into motion to transform lives and well-being (2010), published by the Children’s Workforce Development Council.

Engaging ‘Hard to Reach’ Parents in Early Years Music Making

This research explores ways to engage ‘hard-to-reach’ parents in early years music-making. It was commissioned by Youth Music and undertaken by the Institute for Policy Studies in Education at London Metropolitan University after feedback from music projects involved in Early Years work suggested that they were struggling to engage certain parent groups.  Commissioned by Youth Music and authored by Dr Jayne Osgood, Dr Deb Albon, Dr Kim Allen and Summi Hollingworth.

Immigrant Parents and Early Childhood Programmes

This report identifies the unique needs of newcomer parents across the range of expectations for parent skill, engagement, and leadership sought by ECEC programs, and strategies undertaken to address these needs. Authors:  Maki Park and Margie McHugh

Making of Me – Families and Cultural Engagement

A report written by Jen Lexmond and Shelagh Wright in October 2009 on families and cultural engagement. This paper looks at how families could be better supported and how we might get more from our existing investments in this area.

More great childcare: Raising quality and giving parents more choice

More great childcare is vital to ensuring we can compete in the global race, by helping parents back to work and readying children for school and, eventually, employment. This government paper outlines the need for parents to have more choice of high-quality childcare.