International Pedagogies - page 2

Teachers, practitioners and artists all over the world have been experimenting with different approaches to early education for decades. The one thing they all want to find out is how teaching and learning can inspire a young child to reach their full potential. These resources identify some of the tried and tested approaches that place the creative curriculum at the heart of successful learning.

Early Childhood Arts – Three Perspectives

Commissioned by Arts Council Ireland to inform the development of a national strategy for early childhood arts in Ireland. Perspective Three – Supporting the Growth of Early Childhood Arts Practice in Ireland – an International View was written by Ruth Churchill Dower and Ben Sandbrook.

Early Years Education: An International Perspective (Global)

In evaluating the English early years curriculum, the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) commissioned an international review of the early years curriculum in 20 countries. The results are housed in the International Review of Curriculum and Assessment Frameworks and can be reviewed by country.