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Chicago Children’s Museum – Standards of Excellence in Early Learning

Chicago Children’s Museum is working to become “a model of its kind in early childhood,” and “a community where play and learning connect.” To realize those goals, CCM has pursued a two-year study to understand the dimensions of such a model and to incorporate that understanding in planning for major changes to the museum’s building and public programs.

Children’s Museum Experiences: Identifying Powerful Mediators of Learning

This article, written by David Anderson, Barbara Piscitelli, Katrina Weier, Michele Everett & Collette Tayler, reports on a study of young children and the nature of their learning through museum experiences. This study was undertaken by the Queensland University of Technology Museums Collaborative (QUTMC).

Close Encounters with Culture: Museums and the EYFS

This booklet from Renaissance North West will help you see some of the wonderful EYFS learning and development that can come from young children engaging with objects and art works in museums and art galleries.

Empowering Young Children in Art Museums: Letting Them Take the Lead

This article outlines a number of art museum programmes that have encouraged children as guides during school and family visits, and discusses the benefits of these programmes – for both the children and their adult companions. By Katrina Weier, Queensland University of Technology, Kelvin Grove, Australia.