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Communicative Musical Funniness

This research focuses on the relationship between musicality and funniness in two-year-old children’s free play in a daycare nursery setting. It observes various sophisticated, and sometimes surprising ways in which children use communicative musical funniness to create strong complicit relationships with each other. A paper by Charlotte Arculus.

Evaluation report: Four Years of In Harmony Liverpool

The report highlights excellent musical progress, improved academic achievement in English and Maths, improved school attendance, and increased confidence, aspirations, teamwork, cooperation, resilience and enjoyment of school among the children.

Imagine 2013

Research being carried out by Sound Children into instruments for young children and approaches to music-making.

Lessons in Education and Music from Finland

Investment in music and cultural education in Finland and its place as the top performing country for educational attainment of 15 year olds in reading, maths and science is no coincidence. That was Graeme Smith’s conclusion after spending two days in Finland visiting schools and music schools, talking to key music educators and studying information about the Finnish education system.