Theatre Research - page 1

Childrens Voices research by Windmill Theatre

Children’s Voices was a longitudinal research project to explore and document children’s perceptions of live arts performance and the impact on children, their teachers and school communities.

Graffiti Theatre Early Years Research Project

BEAG is a Practice-based Research project involving three artists working as an integrated creative team with children and childcare workers in twelve early childhood settings in Cork City and County. This report documents the progress and achievements of artists early years training.

Live Arts / Arts Alive

Starcatchers Research Report, 2011. Starcatchers is an innovative project which works in partnership with artists, arts venues, child-care settings and families to experiment artistically with audiences of very young children, to encourage their participation and to develop exciting, inspiring performing arts experiences for children, aged 0-4.

See Theatre, Play Theatre

Starcatchers Final Report on their early years theatre programme, ‘See the Theatre, Play the Theatre’. The Starcatchers project was a two-year pilot project, funded by NESTA and the Scottish Arts Council, which aimed to explore the creation of theatre for children under the age of three with their parents or carers. By Susan Young and Niki Powers.