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If you’re asking

  • How can I show play is valuable and make it worthwhile?
  • How can I introduce different play styles in my setting?
  • How do I support and extend our children’s play?
  • How do children learn through play?
  • Why do some children struggle to play and how can I help?

Then the Power of Play is for you!

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You will learn

  • The different styles of play
  • How play impacts on early learning and development
  • How to observe which are your children’s preferred play styles
  • How to identify if children need encouragement in other types of play
  • What to do if you spot obstacles to play in the setting
  • Four practical techniques to encourage your children to think and play more creatively

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Play Time!
  • Plan your play environment with greater expertise
  • Cherish the joy you see as learning comes to life
  • Enjoy facilitating new creative play scenarios
  • Feel more in control of your teaching day
  • Delight in watching children’s interactions blossom and grow
  • Confidently track your children’s progress through play
  • Be sure that your setting is constantly striving for excellence

What’s included?

  • Nearly an hour of tuition over 8 video lectures
  • The complete Play Styles Observational Toolkit
  • Full guidance for observation and reflection using the Toolkit
  • Four creative play techniques to stimulate your children’s play
  • PDF of course slides showing key concepts discussed
  • Two hours of carefully selected extra study materials
  • Quizzes to help consolidate your learning
  • Certificate of course attendance
  • Facilitated group to share creative play ideas with other educators

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Whats in the Power of Play
Sir Ken Robinson

‘Only through the arts and by being creative can children explore the inner world of their imagination and feeling – the world that is uniquely them’.

Sir Ken Robinson
Patron of Earlyarts

‘You have really challenged my own way of thinking and made me critically reflect on my own practices in the types of play that I include in my current program and what I can further implement.
Thank you

Julie Trembath
Early Years Educator
Melbourne, Australia

Julie Trembath

I loved the practical techniques/activities. I was able to take these into my classroom and use and adapt.
The observation tool has also honed my attention in on the different type of play, I feel like I’m looking at all with fresh eyes and this has been very useful for developing my provision and planning.
Thank you!

Toni Herbert
Early Years Teacher
The Regents International School, Bangkok