Whatever position we hold, whatever our job title, we all have a responsibility to lead with authenticity, passion and purpose. By using creative approaches to enhance focus, environment, communications, learning styles and performance, the Creative Leadership programme will enable your staff to make an intelligent and responsible difference to the delivery of your vision.

Creativity provides opportunities to be innovative and inspired, to think more clearly, to solve problems by looking at them from a different perspective, to express unique ideas and reach new understandings. Who wouldn’t want all this for every leader? And yet, where do we start if we haven’t had outstanding leadership experiences ourselves?



Developing your Social and Emotional Intelligence


Creative Leadership Coaching


Harnessing your team’s creative potential


Creative Conflict Resolution and Influential Communications


Our Creative Leader training is designed for middle and senior leaders in education seeking to become aspirational in their leadership. By exploring the characteristics of creative and critical thinking, emotional and cultural intelligences, higher order cognitive skills, active listening, transformational working spaces and innovative leadership strategies, we will build a powerful toolkit to extend and diversify your leadership skills and significantly improve engagement with your staff, board and clients.

Earlyarts training consultants have combined their 30 years of expertise in the corporate, science, education, neuroscience, arts and cultural sectors to provide a unique, relevant and powerful leadership experience over the course of one week. This Creative Leader programme is designed for middle and senior leaders, who are seeking to build their teams, expand their strategic thinking, empower their staff to achieve a unified vision and lead their organisations to become beacons of excellence, based on international best practice.

In short, this inspiring and adventurous training will help middle and senior leaders build excellent practice in the workplace to develop highly effective leadership behaviours.

Your training was truly inspiring from beginning to end. The things we have learnt will live on and continue to influence and enhance our thinking and develop our practice. Thank you for the affirmation and for the food for the soul which today provided.
— Marian Fraser, Head of Education, Cheshire County Council
Thank you so much, I believe that this was one of the most inspiring and timely pieces of training I have ever experienced. I would be honoured to work with you in the future.
— John Byrne, Head of CSR, Manchester University
This was a fantastic course from beginning to end. I have learned so much about myself and others, and I now leave with a newfound confidence in myself as a leader. By far one of the best courses I have ever done.
— Elise Boileau, Cultural Manager, UCL Qatar
What a wonderful opportunity for developing our creative leadership. All we have learnt today has great potential to influence development of our service for years to come. I’m proud and grateful to have been a participant. Thank you for the opportunity.
— Barbara Nicholls, Manager, National Child-Minding Association