The beautiful thing about creativity is that it opens up all sorts of possibilities to think about problems and challenges from other perspectives, to see solutions you might never have thought of. 

Ruth and her team bring over 25 years of expertise in helping you find the right solution, the one that fits your vision, your values and your culture.  We specialise in finding creative ways to think about complex issues, enabling you to see things more clearly and make more effective decisions.


Our consultancy includes:

  • Family friendly experiential design
  • Children's creative and play environments
  • Creative (and enjoyable) approaches to parenting
  • Creative teaching and learning strategies
  • Reaching your leadership potential
  • Strategic visioning and aspirational goal setting
  • Creative education strategies and frameworks
  • Cultural or educational causal research and analysis
  • Evaluating the impact of an area of provision
  • Reviewing and writing about international best practice
  • Assessing quality in early years art, theatre, music, dance
  • Relational dynamics coaching
  • Collaborative problem solving and group facilitation
  • Walking alongside as a critical friend


Please get in touch to have a chat about ideas.

You never know, you might end up somewhere completely different to where you started.