Creative Leader course

Whatever position we hold, we all have a responsibility to lead with authenticity, passion and purpose. By using creative approaches to enhance your leadership, communication and learning styles, the Creative Leadership programme will enable your staff to make an intelligent and responsible difference to the delivery of your vision..


Creative Teacher course

Are you an aspirational early childhood educator seeking to become highly creative in your teaching practice?

The Creative Teacher™ programme is a rigorous training course consisting of five modules covering the latest research and best practice in early education and creative pedagogies. This course is designed to transform your learning environment and improve your teaching practice.

Creative Family course

What makes the best family friendly environment in a museum or gallery? This course unpacks the four key principles of engaging and supporting family learning in museums and galleries and enables delegates to build a successful family learning environment based on their own practice.

Power of Play online course

The Power of Play course will enable you to support your children's play from a position of much deeper understanding. We will illustrate techniques that will help you know when and how to support your children's creative play, and when to stand back and observe it flourishing. And we will give you some new ideas that are great fun to put into practice.

Positive Behaviours course

Explore new creative techniques to help your children learn positive behaviour management strategies including emotional intelligence & delayed gratification.

Transform your classroom into a haven of creative thinkers, independent problem solvers and healthy questioners with empowering methods practiced regularly by senior leaders!

video Training courseS

Creativity in a Can (...or bottle!) - who would have believed it? Well, now you can with one of our highly engaging video training courses, designed to bring the insights of world-leading experts directly to you in the comfort of your office or setting.

These short courses are ideal for staff development days, meetings or just for new ideas as you crack on with your planning. Highly affordable, these bite-sized chunks of learning are great fun and not to be missed.