Have you ever wondered about the best way of meeting all of your children’s different needs, at the same time as fulfilling the myriad of other requirements from your setting, the curriculum, your parents or your governing body?

Earlyarts' video training courses are designed to give you small pockets of inspiration, based in trusted pedagogies, that help you to find the ideas you need for the children in your care. The onus is on giving you the tools and knowledge to strengthen your own practice and feel creative at the same time! 

Each session gives you practical tools alongside expert knowledge to help strengthen your own practice, give you lots of ideas and find the right balance of teaching and learning for your children.

Each video features an interview with an expert followed by questions from professionals like yourself, to get under the skin of how to put it into practice. Each expert discusses their particular creative approach in relation to the EYFS, and explores how to include all children, especially G&T, SEN, ESL and disabled children. It will really help you focus on approaches that make a difference to your children. 

In each session, we highlight resources and research you can use freely from our web site. And the best thing is that you can watch it at a time that suits you, and as many times as you want! All courses last for approximately 1hr 45m.

SIX BENEFITS OF our video TRAINING courses:

  1. Lots of new ideas to develop your children’s brains and bodies through creative practice.
  2. Exploring creative pedagogies to teach the EYFS, including maths, literacy, communications and PSED skills.
  3. Helping to meet the needs of all your children, especially G&T, SEN, ESL and disabled children.
  4. Supporting you as a leader to develop your strengths and lead effective teams.
  5. Sharing your good practice and gaining ideas for improving teaching and learning.
  6. Helping you achieve a good or outstanding Ofsted rating for your school or setting.



Each video training session gives you:

  • An insight into a particular area of creative childhood education led by an expert - a chance to learn how creative approaches can be used right across the EYFS.
  • Guided interview with the expert, getting under the skin of their thinking- a chance to hear deeper insights and ideas within the current curriculum context.
  • Questions and Answers from delegates who attended the live session - a chance to apply the thinking to your own situation and learn from others' examples.
  • A resource list of creative approaches or practical toolkits - a chance to put your ideas into immediate practice using resources mostly available for free.
  • A unique opportunity to hear the views of other professionals in your field - a chance to be part of a passionate community dedicated to children's learning.
  • Access to the recorded training session for an unlimited time afterwards - a chance to reflect and review in your own time, or share with colleagues.


A brilliant training session that shone from beginning to end. I went back full of ideas, renewed energy and inspiration. Many thanks!

So, how do I book my training course?

Click below to see all the short courses on offer (or on any of the courses you can see on the right) and simply add the ones you like to your shopping cart. Once you have paid, you will receive an email with a link to your video so that you can relax and enjoy the training session at your leisure.