We believe in creativity!

Earlyarts has collated the most rigorous research and evidence to demonstrate the impact of creative environments, teaching and leadership on children's learning. In each piece of evidence, we show how and why the arts or creative practices make a big difference to young children in a variety of ways.

In line with Article 31 of the UN Convention of Children’s Rights, Earlyarts believes that each and every child has a right to experience their own and others' creativity, to nurture their innate creative disposition which makes them who they are.

In fact, we believe that all grown-ups have creativity within them as well. If you have experienced a piece of music so inspiring that you get completely lost in it and let your body move to the music without a care in the world; or the deep serenity of a countryside walk amongst the beautiful colours, smells and sensations of nature; then you have experienced your own creativity coming to the fore.

It’s what parents and educators do every day with their children – enabling them to experience freedom, challenge, discovery, knowledge, skills, confidence, curiosity, love, joy, integrity and passion. It’s the essence of a wholesome childhood, and it starts with you being creative.

Our vision is to enable excellent creative practice to become second nature to professionals, so that every child (and adult!) can achieve outstanding fulfilment and realise their incredible potential.