Nurturing Young Children's Learning through the arts (PDF Version - whole collection)

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Nurturing Young Children's Learning through the arts (PDF Version - whole collection)

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Our creative teaching packs are designed to help educators improve children’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. They encourage practitioners to scaffold children’s interests, opening up a world of possibilities for the imagination as well as providing starting points for shared thinking and discussion across all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Each pack explores a different art form to help nurture children's characteristics of effective learning, aimed at different age ranges, from 4 months to 6 years. Packs contain 16-24 full colour (digital) pages covering:

  • Learning objectives, environment and resource lists

  • Step by step details of core and extension activities

  • Support for children with additional learning needs

  • Reflection and planning questions

  • EYFS focus mapped against the Development Matters grid

  • Case study showing impact on children’s learning

With the entire collection of all 20 art-form packs at your fingertips, you’ll be able to transform your setting into a creative, inspiring and fun environment in which you enjoy teaching as much as your children enjoy learning!

What’s in the collection?

  • Using Baby Dance and Mirrors

  • Using Body Doodles

  • Using Body Wordshapes

  • Using Butterfly Printing and Wellies

  • Using Carving and Floating

  • Using Clay Worlds

  • Using Den Building

  • Using Flour Dance and Action Drawing

  • Using Indoor and Outdoor Story Spaces

  • Using Mark Making with Charcoal

  • Using Musical Lycra and Scarves

  • Using Photography of the Environment

  • Using Pigments and Pebbles

  • Using a Playful Singing Voice

  • Using Projections and Painted Flags

  • Using Sensory Spaces and Shoe Box Worlds

  • Using Story Building

  • Using Stretchy Bodies

  • Using Tissue Play and Puppetry

  • Using Towers and Bunting