Using a Playful Singing Voice (PDF)


Using a Playful Singing Voice (PDF)

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Find out how to lead children into more confident and sophisticated ways of communicating

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From the earliest moments, babies experiment with their sounds and vocalisations to get what they need from the world around them. Their myriad of different calls help them attract the love and care needed to nourish and protect them, fulfil their desire to express themselves, and enable their needs and feelings to be recognised and met. 

This pack gives educators strategies to help understand and value our children’s communications in all their forms. It opens up a whole new repertoire of expression that we already have access to but perhaps not the confidence or the know how to use it. As a result, practitioners will be able to scaffold and lead their children into more diverse, confident and sophisticated ways of communicating as they grow and develop, right across all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).



2 – 5 years



  • Communication and Language - Listening and Attention

  • PSED - Self Confidence and Self Awareness

  • Physical Development - Moving and Handling

  • Expressive Arts and Design - Exploring and using Media and Materials



  • Artists' Intention and Learning Objectives

  • Step-by-Step Creative Activity Plans

  • Environment and Resource Lists

  • Top Tips to support Additional Learning Needs

  • Guidance for Reflection and Planning

  • Activities Mapped against EYFS Areas of Learning

  • Case Study of Activities in Practice

Each pack has between 16-24 pages, in full colour, and comes in an easy to download PDF version.