Using Pigments and Pebbles (PDF)


Using Pigments and Pebbles (PDF)

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Find out how to build our understanding of one another and the natural world using pigments and pebbles

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It’s so true that the array of colours on show in the natural world is really quite staggering but sometimes it is hard to spot these colours and pigments all around when we walk past or just at a glance.

Slowing down, getting up close to nature and giving encouragement and time to explore, will leave your children amazed. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t reach your destination!

This beautiful pack helps educators to use the rich colours, objects and textures around them to draw their children in to create creatures and stories in and amongst them, without any worry of getting it ‘wrong’. In return, they provide wonderful doorways into other worlds of their imaginings and show us their learning right across all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).



2 – 6 year olds



  • PSED - Managing Feelings and Behaviour

  • Communication and Language - Understanding, Speaking

  • Physical Development - Moving and Handling

  • Understanding the World - The World

  • Expressive Arts and Design - Being Imaginative



  • Artists' Intention and Learning Objectives

  • Step-by-Step Creative Activity Plans

  • Environment and Resource Lists

  • Top Tips to support Additional Learning Needs

  • Guidance for Reflection and Planning

  • Activities Mapped against EYFS Areas of Learning

  • Case Study of Activities in Practice

Each pack has between 16-24 pages, in full colour, and comes in an easy to download PDF version.