Using Sensory Spaces and Shoe Box Worlds (PDF)


Using Sensory Spaces and Shoe Box Worlds (PDF)

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Find out how to become immersed in creative thinking and making through sensory spaces and shoebox worlds

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Immersing yourself in a whole new, sensory world is quite a rarity, and provides exciting new times for play and interaction between the children and the adults taking part. These interactions provide springboards of interest from which new avenues of exploration can be launched to support divergent thinking and action for both adult and child.

This pack will help educators have the confidence to take a big leap into the creative and breathe life into tired routines and spaces. New learning spaces will inspire new ways to investigate how things work – not just for children but for educators and practitioners as well. It can offer the ideal opportunity for us to get closer to understanding and empathising with a child’s way of thinking across all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).



Under Twos and 4-5 years



  • PSED - Managing feelings and behaviour

  • Communication and Language - Speaking

  • Mathematics - Shape, Space and Measure

  • Understanding the World - The World

  • Expressive Arts and Design - Being Imaginative



  • Artists' Intention and Learning Objectives

  • Step-by-Step Creative Activity Plans

  • Environment and Resource Lists

  • Top Tips to support Additional Learning Needs

  • Guidance for Reflection and Planning

  • Activities Mapped against EYFS Areas of Learning

  • Case Study of Activities in Practice

Each pack has between 16-24 pages, in full colour, and comes in an easy to download PDF version.