Using Stretchy Bodies (PDF)


Using Stretchy Bodies (PDF)

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Find out how to strengthen our bodies and keep our physical and emotional health in balance

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It’s so important to support children’s movement and focus on strengthening every part of their bodies, from their heads to their toes, because we’re also strengthening their physical, emotional, visual and auditory memories at the same time. Whenever any one of these memories is out of balance, whether physically, emotionally or in other ways, it affects our whole bodies and minds and we, too, become off-balance.

Packed full of fun and expressive ways to move, this teaching pack helps you follow the children’s lead and offer every child (and grown-ups too!) the opportunity to become strong, resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.



3 – 6 years with extensions for babies



  • PSED - Self-confidence and Self-awareness

  • Communication and Language - Speaking

  • Physical Development - Health and Self-care

  • Expressive Arts and Design - Being Imaginative

  • Mathematics - Shape, Space and Measure



  • Artists' Intention and Learning Objectives

  • Step-by-Step Creative Activity Plans

  • Environment and Resource Lists

  • Top Tips to support Additional Learning Needs

  • Guidance for Reflection and Planning

  • Activities Mapped against EYFS Areas of Learning

  • Case Study of Activities in Practice

Each pack has between 16-24 pages, in full colour, and comes in an easy to download PDF version.