Musical language and communication skills with guest presenter Charlotte Arculus


Musical language and communication skills with guest presenter Charlotte Arculus


This is the tenth in a series of Earlyarts Training Webinars based on arts and creativity in the early years.

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Watch our highly engaging training video, 'Ask the Expert', from the comfort of your own office, nursery or home when we will be joined by Guest Expert, Charlotte Arculus,  Early Years Music and Playfulness Specialist and founder member and creator of “Magic Adventure"

Charlotte will take us on a journey of ‘musical funniness' and show us how music can help develop language and communication skills in very young children and parents

Whether you're a teacher, early years practitioner or professional, a childminder, nursery manager, local authority officer, home educator, parent or carer, you will learn how musical play can:

  • help tune into children to discover their non-verbal language;
  • help children with elective mutism to express themselves;
  • help to support parents in being parents; and
  • help with staff development.

Charlotte has worked and played with early years children for nearly 30 years. She originally trained as a community musician and has worked as a freelance facilitator of comedic performance, an early years music and arts specialist and an anarchic street performer. Charlotte describes herself as an animateur (someone who breathes creative life into a venture). She is particularly interested in the concept of developing complicité between people of all ages through Playfulness. Charlotte's work explores the relationship between funniness and musicality, developing pedagogy to support young children’s learning - particularly in the light of the current increase of two-year-old children entering nursery places.

This training video is hosted by Earlyarts Director, Ruth Churchill Dower, this training event is suitable for:

  • early years and KS1 teachers
  • early years practitioners and professionals
  • nursery nurses and managers
  • childcarers
  • local authority officers
  • home educators
  • parents and carers