Stimulating discovery and imaginary play with guest presenter Rebecca Caswell


Stimulating discovery and imaginary play with guest presenter Rebecca Caswell


This is the sixteenth in a series of Earlyarts Training Webinars based on arts and creativity in the early years.

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Watch our highly engaging training video, 'Ask the Expert', where we will be joined by our Guest Expert, Rebecca Caswell, Strategic Lead, Play and Early Years at Eureka! The National Children's Museum.  

This training video is hosted by Earlyarts Director, Ruth Churchill Dower, and is suitable for:

  • early years and KS1 teachers
  • early years practitioners and professionals
  • nursery nurses and managers
  • childcarers
  • local authority officers
  • home educators
  • parents and carers

"I was really nervous how to participate in a webinar, but the instructions were very clear and I got connected first time! I even managed to join in the chat room and ask my question. It was so convenient to hear an excellent speaker, live, from my own desk. Thanks for introducing me to technology that delivers" - Webinar participant, 'Approaches to Education in Museums.'

Which lovely Presenters will I meet?

Rebecca Caswell Drawing on her extensive experience of working in the Early Years sectors in the UK, Italy and Hong Kong, Becky plays a key role developing and leading on the implementation of initiatives and programmes which support learning through play, as well as identifying and developing partnerships that contribute to our wider understanding of informal, play-based learning. Externally Becky is a board member of Yorkshire Play.  'Sometimes people forget that play is learning and learning is play", Peter Dixon, poet, performer, educationalist.

Ruth Churchill Dower - As Director of Earlyarts, the award winning training network in the cultural and education sectors, Ruth established Earlyarts in 2002 and scaled it up to have a national footprint in 2009. Ruth is in charge of keeping the vision for Earlyarts high on everyone’s agenda, advocating for what’s important with our youngest children, running the consultancy and export side of the company, supporting the team and generally making sure the business as a social enterprise is sustainable.

Ruth can often be found roaming the hills and valleys to indulge in her passion for paragliding, and spends her weekends puddle-splashing, den-building or tree-climbing with her two children.