Nathan Archer, Head of The Children’s House Montessori Nursery

Networking was a very strong component and promoted in accordance with the UnConference concept. I met a sculptor, a dancer in residence and an artist- all these are people I would not come into contact normally, if Earlyarts had not facilitated that. The workshop 'Cabinets of Curiosity' was fantastic, I brought the whole exercise back in to my setting, so on a really practical level that was something great.

The UnConference has also given me a bit more impetus to seek funding, go back to the Arts Council for grants for arts, increase relationships with artists, organise festivals for children's theatre. In essence, I have been re-energized.

I'm in the private sector where there are lots of barriers to funding, but an advantage of being an Earlyarts member is being able to meet cross-sector professionals - Earlyarts International UnConference 2012