Jo Belloli, Associate Producer for Early Years, Polka Theatre and Small Size

Events like the UnConference are good, as it makes you stop and see what other people are doing in their practice, through observation, encounters, time to reflect (even if only on the way home). Plus it makes you reflect on your own practice as well, which is sometimes difficult to do. The UnConference offers that time to immerse yourself, to meet and encounter but also to stop and reflect afterwards, throwing light on what you're doing. What I got from the keynotes was mainly in the video by Jay Pollitt doing yoga and dance with children. It is about taking time to focus and seeing what the benefits of that are, and igniting the concentration and meaning that the children focus on.

June O'Sullivan was very frank and forthright but delivered her messages in a charming and very honest way. Estelle and Sir Ken were fantastic to hear - when you hear their passion and vision you understand that their integrity lies in what we're all trying to do - Earlyarts International UnConference 2012